This site is an attempt on my part to provide possible solutions  to difficulties faced  by us – retired pensioners. We all, as retired pensioners have certain rights deemed possible by the Government of India and this site is dedicated towards providing the correct approach towards dealing with such rights  within the frame work of stipulated  rules and regulations.

I took voluntary retirement from NAL as the COA and I am fairly knowledgeable  with the Rules and regulations applicable at  CSIR/NAL. In the recent past I noticed lack of positive approach to the  pensioners’ genuine problems,  among those who deal with them.  I  therefore started this site as an informatory platform where we as retired pensioners can discuss and find solutions to our woes and get it across to the right authorities in a meaningful and lawful manner. I will also upload important orders issued by Government Of India and CSIR/NAL for your information. I will also strive to keep them updated as much as possible. No doubt I will also keep you posted on health and other old age related issues which are of interest to you.

Please do let me know of any issues pertaining to pension, medical bill re-imbursements and other benefits that you have faced;  I will guide you with the correct approach to dealing with it.

You can e-mail me at . Kindly provide me with as much information as you can  for me to give a clear and concise response.

2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Dear sir
    you have started a novel approach to intiate such a humantarian idea. I will love to get associated with this. you can check my blog for your information on related matter.

    • Hello Arvind,

      I would love to get associated with your site. Let me know your approach on this. Should we go for a simple link exchange or do you have any banner image that you want to be displayed. Let me know your thoughts on this.


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