Managing Arthritis

Arthritis is an assortment of more than 100 diseases which cause various symptoms like pain, inflammation and swelling in the joints. Literally arthritis means inflammation in the joints. Any condition that leads to pain and stiffness in joints, the tissues that surround the joint and other connective tissues is referred to as arthritis. Arthritis is now affecting innumerable people in one form or the other. whether mild or severe, permanent or temporary arthritis can impair the ability to get on with life in a normal way.

Managing Arthritis

Just about anything can cause harm to your joints. Injuries, infections, normal wear and tear of the body. Some forms of arthritis even involve immune system and various internal organs of the body. The symptoms, location, severity and pattern of arthritis will depend on the specific form of arthritis that is present. It can be difficult to differentiate between the various features but it is fundamental to getting the right treatment. the progression of arthritis can be either sudden of gradual. Women are at more risk than men and frequently sets in women between the ages of 40-60.

With better treatments available now, one can considerably improve quality of life. your doctor will work closely with you. with medications and exercise and proper care of your joints, your life can be very easy even with arthritis. Take arthritis seriously and instead of dealing with it alone take adequate help. A joint pain, stiffness or swelling for more than 2 weeks, can be arthritis. Make an appointment with your doctor today!

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