Memory Loss

As a person ages, gradually, one starts to lose their brain cells and our body produces lesser chemicals that brain cells need to work. The older a person gets, these changes become more and more pronounced. Some memory declines as we age, this is normal human process. Many old people worry that they are moving towards memory loss in old age. Memory lapses like forgetting about where you have kept the keys or glasses. Old people also face the difficulty in remembering names of people. This kind of memory loss should not be associated or misinterpreted as decline of mental abilities. As long as you can remember what glasses are used for rather than where you have kept them you are just facing age related memory loss.

Aging affects our memory by altering the way our brain stocks information and makes it harder to recall this information. Memory loss is at times, also a side effect of medication and also sign of a treatable disease. Some memory loss is not the process of normal ageing process. It is a cause of concern if you can’t figure out how to do things you have done many times before, not able to remember the happenings in a day, trouble deciding, facing difficulty in learning new things. Memory loss related to dementia aggravates with time, while with old age it shows no worsening with time. But if your memory loss concerns you, talk to your doctor. Your doctor will help you in figuring out whether your memory loss is related to ageing or any other condition.

Good diet,exercise being intellectually active, no alcohol abuse, no smoking, reduction in stress producing factors are few of the things that can maintain good memory even in old age. Making better lifestyle choices will prevent you from age related memory loss and carry out day to day activities while promoting brain health. Ageing with cognitive prosperity can make this process an absolute success.


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