Old Age and Loneliness

Old age lonelinessThe challenge of loneliness in old age is real. Loneliness in old age is common because of loss of partners or friends and families that move on. Old age also brings it with fear of death. Loneliness in old age is closely linked to poor health. With low vision and hearing and decreased level of physical activity, the elderly frequently feel lonely. The consequences of loneliness in old age should not be underestimated. Loneliness in old age can be either due to external factors like lack of social network. Loneliness due to internal factors is linked to personality.

We are never really prepared for old age. However, to go according to stereotype of old age being lonely and unhappy is not a good idea. Old age can be as happy and healthy. Old people who are frequently faced with feelings of loneliness should keep themselves busy and involve themselves in some activity. Do not let loneliness decide your mental attitude. Old people struggling with loneliness frequently give into it and form a mental attitude where they do not feel like doing anything. This can easily lead into serious outcome of loneliness. Avoid getting into a sedentary lifestyle where your day is passed sleeping or watching television. This is a form of escaping from usual responsibilities and emotional responses.

Loneliness inevitably leads of unhappiness. Find a good support system. Today social services and institutions are working towards helping with age related loneliness. Join a community in your neighborhood. It is the responsibility of elderly people to take responsibility for oneself and not wait for others to do anything for them. Old age can be another opportunity to form new friends, developing new interests, doing something constructive. Even with old hair, you can help someone come of his or her limitations by shedding your own. Choose to be happy!


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