CancerWith so many types of cancer prevalent in society in one form or another, it is not very easy to know about each and every of them. The thing about cancer is that no matter which one is dealing with there are some common characteristics that belong to all of them.

Cancer is a complex of related diseases which begin in the most basic part of our existence – the cell. Normally cells divide themselves and grow when the body requires them. This is normal part of the functioning of our body. But when they go out of control, dividing on their own – it can lead to cancer. Many processes in the body decide the growth and division of cells. These processes have to go out of control which makes a cell cancerous. Cancerous cells are abnormal and invade and cause damage to normal cells in nearby tissues. Their spread becomes more probable when these cells enters the bloodstream and travel to new sites and form new tumors.

Cancer can develop at any time and at any age. Treatment is of course possible especially if the detection is made early. Today range of options are available for the patient to make his or her own choice. The specialist will combine different treatments depending of the cancer and stage. There are many factors which are imperative in deciding the treatment type. Doctors and patients work in close co-ordination and involve the patients and their views while making any decision.

Today better understanding, treatments, support, patient care have led to a considerable improvement in the quality of life. In a generation of highly specialized mechanisms one can easily outgrow cancer and celebrate surviving cancer. In due time cancer will be just a faint calling from the past.


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