Physical Inactivity

physical_inactivityPhysical inactivity is inactive lifestyle and a growing medical concern. Physical inactivity is a major risk to health both physical and mental aspects of our health. Recent studies have shown that physical inactivity is worse than obesity or being overweight. Physical inactivity causes an increasing incidence of chronic disease, not just for the elderly but for younger people and adults. Being physical inactive, in the long run, reduces your self esteem and affects your outlook towards life.

In children, physical inactivity hampers general growth and development. Physically inactive adults have difficulty in finishing regular tasks without fatigue. Physical inactivity leads to a lot of complications, secondary condition, symptoms and other disorders. In most cases the symptoms and complications of physical inactivity are not distinct and overlap each other. Physical inactivity leads to numerous health conditions like hypertension, heart disease,diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight, obesity, weaker bones, osteoporosis, hypertension and numerous health risks. When prolonged to extended time period physical inactivity leads to premature death.

One doesn’t need to participate in a decathlon to be physically active. Everyday one has opportunities to shrug off physical inactivity from one’s shoulders. Sedentary lifestyle has been contributed to the society’s dependence on more and more technological progress with people relying on devices to do household work. Using computers and television are also contributing factors towards physical inactivity. Physical inactivity can be prevented with healthy diet and taking an initiative to start exercising.


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