The banks and the pensioners

The pension paying banks plays a vital role with the life of the pensioners. The facilities offered by the modern banking environment is really commendable. At the same time, when the question of the quality of service specific to the pensioners is taken out for analysis, it is not satisfactory.
 The facility offered and the quality of service rendered are different from each other. The facility available in a bank cannot be compromised for the quality of service.
  • A facility is provided by use of advanced technology. But the quality of service is provided by the active participation and understanding of the staff working in the bank. Today it is very easy to get ATM Card. But it is not that easy to get correct amount of revised pension and arrears from the banks. It is reported that some banks are compelling the customers to use ATM for drawing their monthly pension, thus avoiding the pensioners to visit the bank to voice their grievances.
    The bankers must understand one thing that none of the pensioner will like to compromise a short payment on his monthly pension for having an ATM card. The banks should understand the importance of quality of service as compared to offering of facility.
  • Accuracy of pension payment involves the understanding of pension rules and regulations, by the personnel working in the bank. Whereas the advanced facilities offered to the customers depends upon the technology used in the bank. Today, technology is available in the banks, but a matching customer service is missing in most of the public sector banks. The private sector banks making enormous charges for every service.
  • The Reserve of Bank of India simply issue instructions to the banks, but does not watch the implementation. Accountability is not at all fixed on the erring officials.
  • Some banks have introduced centralized pension payment system for their accounting convenience, disregarding the convenience of the pensioners. This has resulted in utter confusion and complaints are mounting with centralized pension payment cells. The CPPCs are finding it very difficult to attend all the complaints within a short time.
  •  The above situation is true not only of  defence pensioner as brought out by indianexserviceman blog but also is equally true for CSIR pensioners.  CSIR should therefore reconsider it’s decision to hand over the PPOs of CSIR pensioners to the service bank branches and revert back to the earlier procedure of concerned National Labs to deal with the pension payment of CSIR pensioners. The Labs can credit the total amount pension payable to the service bank branch every month. The Admin and Finance of the Lab should  deal with revision of pension, calculation of  arrears thereon, sanction of  Family pension, restoration of commuted value of pension after 15 years etc.
  • This will help the pensioners immensely and relieve them of troubles that they are facing now with the banks in getting their  entitled pension and other benefits.

 Courtesy: indianexserviceman blog


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