Why green tea is good for you

Not only is green tea helpful if you want to lose some inches, research has proved that having green tea regularly is good for your health…

  • It has antioxidants called poly-phenols and catechins, excellent in battling free radicals, which are toxins known to cause cellular damage, aging and diseases.
  • Green tea is good for healthy skin and prevent wrinkles. The same free radicals, which cause cancer also attack skin cells and make you age faster in the form of wrinkles and skin spots.
  • Polyphenols found in green tea inhibit the growth of bacteria causing bad breath and help protect teeth and gums. Regular intake avoids tooth decay.

Other benefits include fighting rheumatoid arthritis, infection, lowering stress and blood pressure, protecting against heart disease, diabetes and brain damage, building bone density, minimising the risk of a heart attack, protect the kidneys and liver.


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