Choosing Values (Principles)

What you value is what you care about the most, at any given moment. And what you care about the most is what gets your time and attention most, and very often first. Most people are not fully aware of their values (principles) and very few ‘consciously’ choose their values. When we do not align our actions with our consciously chosen values, it means we are aligning our actions with someone else’s values. When you consciously choose your values carefully you choose how you will spend the time of your life.
The result? You will feel you are in control of your life. Then set your goals according to your values, and then your destiny will be back in your hands.
Question: What do you deeply value in your life? Write a list of seven values and then prioritize them.
Reflection: What are your goals according to each of your key values and what can you see yourself doing to live in line with your chosen values?

Action: What will you do tomorrow to begin aligning your actions with your values (careful – better to take many small steps than try to make a big leap from where you are now to where you want to be)?


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