Giving Up Revenge

When we feel hurt by another person we feel the desire to take revenge. Even though we know it will not bring about a solution to the situation, or heal (improve) the relationship, we still want, and feel justified in wanting, and taking, revenge. The illusion (false belief) behind the desire to hurt another with our anger is that they were the ones who hurt us. No they didn’t. No one hurts us but we use others to hurt ourselves. When we blame others we conveniently avoid taking responsibility for our feelings and actions. So there is no need for anger.
Question: When was the last time you thought someone had hurt you?
Reflection: How did you see the other person, how did you see and understand their actions (i.e. what did you do with them in your mind that caused you anger)?
Action: Imagine the situation happened again – how would you see the situation (interpret their actions) differently, so that you do not create anger in response?


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