Positive Thinking

There are some common held negative beliefs about positive thinking. We mention a few of them here:
1. There is a common notion (belief) that positive thinking makes one ‘soft’, a bit weak. But quite the opposite is true. The more we understand and experience our own inner qualities and powers and realize our own weaknesses, the stronger, more stable and less dependent we become on others.

2. Some of us also hold the belief that a ‘positive thinker’ walks with a broad smile on his face all day long and thinks ‘everything is great’. But ‘positive thinking’ is an inner matter, a mental attitude. It is a way of looking at life’s circumstances. It teaches us to act instead of only reacting; to get a firm hold on our life again, instead of being influenced by others or by circumstances.
POSITIVE THINKERS are always happy in life; thank others. It needs only little practice to become a “positive Thinker”


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