Total Quality Mind (TQM)

At all times in our life, during every minute, we are creators of thoughts. Thoughts are seeds. Our future or destiny is merged within our thoughts.  As soon as we put our thoughts into words, which others hear, we plant seeds in the minds of others. If our words are positive, positive seeds are planted in others’ minds; if they are negative, negative seeds are planted. These thoughts (seeds) are then sustained and empowered (strengthened) by others when they think about them and speak about them to others. As a result of
which they become reality. This is why we have to be very careful what we say, because the more people hear what we speak and give life or energy to our words, the sooner the reality (positive or negative) will come to life.

In short the nature of our thoughts and words are instrumental in shaping our future or destiny.
Question: What are the two things you have recently said in the office or at home that you would not like to become real?

Reflection: Can you think of two things you have thought and said in the past, which have become a reality.

Action: Now take all four examples from above and check what you could have said instead.
Ideas are nobody’s monopoly. We all have the power to think, always think positively, create ideas and convert them into action.


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