Promotional Scheme of Broadband for Government Employees and pensioners

In order to boost the acquisition and usage of Broadband among government
employees, the competent authority has approved 20% discount on Broadband Service
charges (usage and rental) for Broadband connections provided to Central Government/
State Government/ PSU Employees category. The scheme is to be launched from
1st December 2008 across BSNL network and is a continuous scheme.

The serving and retired government employees applying for Broadband
connection under this scheme, should furnish an undertaking countersigned by their
Drawing and Disbursing Officer regarding their bonafide along with the application. In
case of retired employees, an attested copy of the Pension Pay Order should be submitted
along with the application. The application should be marked as “FOR GOVERNMENT

The scheme is also applicable to existing Broadband customers who are
serving/retired government employees subject to their furnishing an undertaking as
detailed above. The discount of 20% in Broadband Service charges for the existing
customers will also be applicable if they apply, from the month of such application


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