Releasing Stress And Worry

There is a slight difference between concern and worry. Concern has a reason behind it and is based on logic. We might shut all the windows before we leave the house, concerned that someone might break in, or that the wind might blow in and knock over a vase of flowers. Through concern we avoid discomfort, and hence feel more relaxed.
Worry, on the other hand, lacks the logic of concern. Instead it tends to concentrate on unnecessary wishing that we could change the past, or on thinking about unavoidable aspects of the future. Moreover the mind becomes infected with free floating anxieties (worries), which accumulate and become a habit and which soon we begin to regard as normal. Specific problems may get solved, but their disturbing effects remain in our minds.
Before we can fully relax, we must silence this unnecessary disturbing inner noise of our lives, and tune in to the pure silence where our personal search for contentment (satisfaction) may be fulfilled.
To a great extend, positive thinking can help in releasing stress. It needs little practice only. Nobody was born as a positive person and/or a negative person; it was due to our thinking only.


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