Of late, we have been getting the reports of incidents of IT employees travelling in cars getting mugged by a gang in areas around Outer Ring Road like Iblur Circle – Sarjapur road, Bellandur Circle – Yamalur road on Bellandur Tank bed, Sarjapur road – Hosur road via Jail road, Sarjapur road – Hosur road via Haralur. These incidents occur during lean traffic times of 11 AM to 4 PM and at night.

 The Modus Operandi of the gang is as follows:

 a)     The gang generally has a black pulsar with a driver and a pillion. Usually they the target the car with single person inside.

b)    They continuously honk from behind to stop the car saying that you have committed an accident.

c)     As soon as you stop the car and open the door, they will enter and sit inside and tell you that you have injured a person in the accident and have to pay compensation.

d)    They will immediately confirm the amount you have to pay saying that the injured is the brother of local Don! Then try to convince you that you have to face his ire if the amount is not paid.

e)     They will ask you to give them the money by drawing from nearby ATM.

f)     The members of the gang speak Kannada and broken Hindi and are known to take only money or gold but not cell phone.

The following guidelines may be helpful in dealing with such situations:

 a)             Always lock the doors of your car from inside when driving alone.

b)            Don’t panic when you hear continuous honking from behind.

c)             If you have to stop the car, call police immediately and try to make sure that you stop in a place which is not isolated.

d)            Don’t get down from the car and allow any stranger to get in.

e)             In the event of them getting into your car, get out immediately as you will be in public place. Raise your voice and get the people around.

f)             Don’t loose your temper. Be cool and handle the situation diplomatically.

g)            If possible, take their photograph and vehicle number plate in your cell phone.

h)             If pushed into a situation, tell them that you can arrange money from your friend and take them to place, where people known to you are available.

i)              Keep the “Pepper spray” ready as a defense and use it properly and carefully only if they try to threaten you or attack you. Pepper spray is available in outlets of More and Health & Glow.

j)              Do not get panicky and give away all your valuables at the first instance.

k)             Remember that their operation is a planned one and even they are equally scared but pretend to be courageous.

l)              If the situation aggravates, don’t risk your life. There is no need to be a hero! Your safety is important.

 A mobile patrol squad consisting of four police personnel from HSR Layout Police Station is formed to nab the gang. Apart from this, crime branch constables are also patrolling in these roads in plain clothes.  These teams will be working alternately day/night. We have checked and confirmed these numbers and employees are requested store the numbers and call them if they need help.

          Cheetah Mobile Patrol 1 –  Sri. Ashok -9902660986   

         Cheetah Mobile Patrol 2 –  Sri. Vijayamurthy – 9980834703

         Crime Squad Constable-1 – Sri.Manjunath Mobile No-9845668681 

          Crime Squad Constable 2 – Sri. Ravindranath Mobile No-9980399551


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