Two pensions -RREWA clarifies


Kindly refer to my query on 27th March 2010 on the subject cited above. You were kind enough to promptly reply that the matter need to be referred to DOPT for clarification. I just would like to know whether a reference has been made to DOPT and any reply received from them! Further on careful reading of Rule 7(1)of CCS(Pension) Rules, read with Q&A numbering 57 under FAQ in Pensioners Portal it is more than clear that second pension can be drawn only by a Military pensioner re-employed in Civil service or by a Govt employee who is in receipt of family pension. Therefore a govt servant who was permanently absorbed in an AB AND RECEIVED 100% COMMUTATION from the Government at the time of absorption in AB will not be eligible for second and seperate pension while retiring from the AB which also follows CCS (Pension)Rules. I request you sir to examine the above and let me know your considered opinion.



Two pensions are permissible only in case of reemployed ex servicemen & in no other case matter has already been discussed with DOP. maheshwari


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