Expected DA/DR from 01.07.2010

The expected DA for central government employees and DR for pensioners effective from July 01, 2010  will be 44%  i.e 9%  increase over the existing 35% ,  if  Monthly All India Consumer Price Index (General) for Industrial 
workers for the month of May and June  is at 170 as in Feb-Apr 2010.  If the AICPI rises even marginally by 3 points for both May & June 2010, there is a possibility that DA/DR could increase up to 10% .


2 thoughts on “Expected DA/DR from 01.07.2010

  1. Dear sir,
    If the govt will give 10% Da then its very greatfull to the govt for whome we all working to bring our country no-1 in the world. because if we need pease full mind and life to perform our duties in good maner for both the country and our family.the thing up to the Goverment desiction. we all the servents to the nation.
    thanking you sir.

  2. Sir,
    10% increase in DA is a very great news for central govt. Employees and Pensioners. This will give us some relief from inflation. But I would like to say the Govt. that if really they want to encourage the employees working in Group C Cadre, the rate of DA should be double as comparative to other cadres because these people are the spine of our nation and these are the people who works actually and the fame goes to the higher rank officers. This anomaly may be withdrawn and the Govt. may do a kindness to these actual working people i.e. Group C Employees.

    Thanking you.

    Yours faithfully

    Satish P.

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