Modification in entry level qualification of Technical and support staff of CSIR

CSIR vide their letter no. 5-1 (88)/2010-PD dated 21 July 2010 have notified the revised qualification of Technical and Support staff i.e GrI,II & III. To read the above said letter CLICK HERE  and proceed.


One thought on “Modification in entry level qualification of Technical and support staff of CSIR

    As per para 1.3.2 of revised MANAS effective from 01.04.92 ” For assessment promotion within the same group the restriction minimum qualification and experience will not apply for the existing employees ” we were eligible for assessment promotion from Gr.III (6) to Gr.III (7) before the date of retirement. However, promotion was stopped because of contradictory para of the same Revised MANAS where in it was stated that staff in GrIII.(6) who possessed the entry level qualification of Gr.(IV) will only be eligible for assessment to Gr.III(7).
    The para was such contradictory to the provision of para 1.3.2, inflicting the assessment opportunity for the group of staffs who approached the CSIR and ventilated the grievance time and again for removal of this contradictory clause .
    The Governing Body of CSIR in its 167th Meeting held on 21.06.2006 decided to delete the controvercial para of the Revised MANAS as a correction and thus restored the opportunity for the assessment for the group of employees. This was in fact a correction made by the Governing Body with no cut off date which means that its implementation should be done from the date of implementation of REVISED MANAS effective from 01/04/1992.
    However, the Dy Secretary, CSIR issued order for implementation of the correction made effective from 25/09/2006 thus denying opportunity of promotion to those retired before 25/09/2006. In this connection it is said that Governing Body is the competent authority to fix cut off date and not Dy Secretary.
    The matter was put up before CAT, Ranchi Bench and the Bench in a judgement daed 11th day of April 2012 observed as under :
    ” Only a competent authority alone has power to take decision and
    the courts would refuse to give any legal sanctity to such orders,circulars which are not issued by competent authority in exercise of legal powers. In view of above we hold that the deletion
    of para being curative in nature has impliedly restropective effect and sice the Governing Body is the competent authority, who has not mentioned the date of effect of deletion as prospective one,
    the Sr Dy Secretary has no authority to incorporate the date of effect of such deletion prospectively. With the above observation we allow the OA with direction to the respondents to grant the applicants promotion from GrIII(6) to Gr.III(7) with restropective effect from the date of their eligibility as per para 1.3.2 of MANAS.
    This is not all. The CSIR has asked the concerned Lab to contest
    the order in respective High Court thus extending the legal fighting
    and also physical, mental and financial harasment to the aggrived
    I am writing this for information to the concerned Reired Gr.iii(6) employees and their cooperaton in the legal battle.
    For more information pl write to

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