Complaints against rude Auto Rickshaw drivers in Bangalore

Once again I publish this for the benefit of all. Please give as much wide publicity as you can.
You are in a hurry to catch the train. You pack all your stuff and frantically run out in the hope of catching an auto. You come out and see 5 autos standing at the corner. You thank God and ask them – “Majestic chaloge kya??” The Answer is “Rs 200 hoga!!”. “Kya?? It just cost Rs 100 till Majestic”. “Bahut rush hai sir!!”. You move on to the next auto, to try your luck and surprisingly, you have the same conversation “Bahut rush hai sir!!”. Finally you give up and bargain the price to Rs 170 and hope you don’t miss your train.
Sounds more than familiar??
You stand on the road and keep on asking the passing autos for a ride to your destination – if it’s not your day, the autos will not even bother to stop; if you’re a bit lucky they might actually slow down to hear your destination’s name and think for a second (i always wonder if they are calculating their net profit) and then speed away. However if you are luckier, the auto guy might quote an exorbitant price and then speed away. But if it’s your extremely lucky hour of the day, you might end up getting an auto which is ready to take you to the destination at meter price.
In my twelve years of existence in Bengaluru, these experiences have been really instrumental in teaching me great virtues – Patience and Tolerance. But at what price??? exorbitant rates, extremely rude behavior and what not ……After years of feeling used, i set out to find the answer for this misery – was there no government system that could bring these auto guys to justice? As a citizen, how can i express my concern?
This search took me to the Koramangala RTO office (BDA complex) and to my surprise i found that there did exist a government system which i believe 99.99% of Bengaluru is unaware of !! the System.
Note the vehicle number (KA-XX-YY-ZZZZ) and email the details to Based on the prefix XX (for example KA-01), complaint will be sent to one of the ten RTO offices in Bangalore and adjacent taluk areas.Alternatively, one can also call these offices at the number given below based on the vehicle number prefix and directly lodge a complaint.Vehicle Prefix (KA-XX) Bangalore location Phone number
KA-01 Koramangala 080-25533525
KA-02 Rajajinagar 080-23324104
KA-03 Indiranagar 080-25254310
KA-04 Yeshwantpur 080-23376039
KA-05 Jayanagar 080-26630989
KA-41 Gyanabharthi 080-28602833
KA-50 Yelahanka 080-28561366
KA-51 Electronic City 080-25735522
KA-52 NeelaMangala 08234-285598
KA-53 KR Puram 080-25617951

Once the complaint is received at the corresponding office, a notice is issued to the address of the vehicle’s registered owner, requiring him/her to turn up at the RTO office within 7 working days. Every RTO has about 10 IMV’s (Inspector of Motor Vehicles) who seize the vehicles which don’t report to the RTO.The penalty levied from the auto-waalas is Rs.100 under section 200.
The various offences among others for which one can lodge a complaint
  • Refusal to come to destination (Any destination!!!)
  • Demanding excess fare
  • Using rough language
  • Cheat the public, for e.g. taking longer routes.
  • Faulty Meter
There is also a help line number – 080-22353785 available Monday – Saturday from 10:00 am – 5:30 pm on which one can call to lodge complaints.The numbers speak for itself was shocked when I found that the Koramangala RTO office received only 5 complaints a month. With over 1,00,000 autos plying on Bangalore roads, shouldn’t it be like 5 complaints a minute?What’s wrong with the system?
  • Lack of Awareness among the Bangalore citizens
  • The system is inefficient in data gathering emails or phone calls cannot be stored and processed properly, leading to ineffective use of these complaint data.
  • Converting these complaints into notices issued to vehicle owners is still a manual process
  • Limited government officials to handle
So, will our impatience always have to take a backseat? Can something be done to improve/compliment the system to make it more effective? Will we get a better platform to raise our voices democratically?

7 thoughts on “Complaints against rude Auto Rickshaw drivers in Bangalore

  1. Hi There,

    Thank you very much for this information.I was searching for an option to lodge complaints against some Auto drivers asking more money,denying to come to destination etc.I have hell lot of numbers that I wish to report to the RTO.It would be better if the complainee could recieve feed back on his/her complaint after the proceedings.
    Simultaneously, there should be some system for the aprraisal of those drivers who are honest.I have seen many auto drivers (mostly aged persons)who doesn’t take a penny more than the meter charge.They should be rewarded as some kind of motivation and also it would help in changing atleast some of the dishonest drivers to follow rules honestly.
    Thank you for the information.

    Anoop Nair

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for providing this useful information. Today I faced a similar situation which could have ended into a fist fight. The auto guy demanded me extra fare and I walked away silently. I dont know what got into the auto drivers head and he started using bad language and following me to hit me. I just sat in another auto and left since I was getting late to work but this was not enough for the auto driver he followed me till the next 4 kms and kept using fowl language. I have lodged a complaint with bangalore traffic police but I need some help as I only have the partial number of the auto. I noted KA 05 8505 I could not read the other alphabets on d registration plate.

    If anyone can help me finding the complete number it will be a great help. I do not want anyone else to go through the same treatment which I received on road.

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for the valuable information. Day before yesterday i had faced a situation. I had to travel from Bigbazar near BEL circle on outer ring road to muthyala nagar MES road. The distance was just 2km. The time was around 7:45 pm. The auto driver asked 50 rupees and I agreed. But he dropped me&my family another place which I have not seen before. I told him its wrong place I want to go MUthyala nagar. But he behaved very badly and asked extra 50 rupees(total Rs 100 for 2km). he was not at all bother about his mistake. I am new to bangalore and not familiar with kannada. I could not do anything.

    I hope the information you had provided will help the citizens.


  4. Hi

    Thanks for the info.. today me and my wife had a horrible experience with an auto driver. My wife took this auto from her office to reach home (which is just 6 kms distance) and this guy demanded an excess fare. Since she had to reach home urgently she agreed to pay him that amount and also since no other auto guys where willing to commute. On the way home, there was a traffic jam, as usual in Bangalore during office hours; so the Auto guy became impatience and asked her if there was any shortcut to reach home.. she told him that there was a way but she was not so sure of the route. Hence she preferred not to go.. but the auto guy without even confirming to her took that route and half way got stuck again… eventually he had to return to the main road and take the usual route.

    Now on reaching destination (which was a km before the agreed location, as I was waiting for her there), she got down and gave him the agreed amount. Now this guy suddenly became angry and started talking to her aggressively and in Kannada.. since she was not fluent in Kannada, I quickly intervene and asked him what the matter was.. to our surprise he tells me that my wife did not know the way home and made him roam around to reach here and so she has to pay double the amount agreed. On hearing this my wife got very angry saying that she never asked him to take the other route and secondly, she has been commuting on this route for last couple of years and how can he say that she doesn’t know her way home.

    However, I intervened and agreed to pay him another 20 bucks more just not to create a scene there.. when I handed over the amount to him, this guy just became very violent and start using abusive word.. I asked him what the issue was now.. he would not bother to tell anything and just keep on using very abusive words and to an extend ready to fight.. We were getting late for the Doc’s appointment and so decided to go away from there.

    The above issue has left a very bitter taste and out of my 14 years of stay in Bangalore, I have learnt one thing that you cannot be a good person with these guys. Hence I have decided to lodge a complaint with the cops and see to it that he gets what he deserves. Lodged a complaint via email as

    The auto registration number: KA-05-AC-1667.. date of commute: 11th Jan’2012.



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