Check if you’re stroke prone online

BANGALORE: The Advanced Neurosciences Institute at BGS Global Hospitals has launched a “free online health check-up” for brain attack, commonly called stroke.

All that a person needs to do is key in his/her health parameters to identify the risk level of getting a stroke. Based on the information, the person can choose to consult a specialist and take adequate measures to prevent a brain attack.

This software has been developed by BOB Tceh Solutions as part of its corporate social responsibility.

Dr N K Venkataramana, Chief Neurosurgeon and Vice-Chairman, BGS Global Hospitals said: “BGS Global Hospitals launched the state-of-the-art Stroke Unit last year. This year we are focusing on the fact that stroke is preventable. We are now launching the free online check-up to help predict the risk of stroke. People above 40 years of age as well as those who have risk factors or with a family history of stroke are more susceptible.”

One can log into and click on “Prevent Brain Attack” for a free risk assessment of stroke.

Source: TOI


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