Full pension on completion of 10 years service in all cases of pension wef 01.01.2006

There are instances where different departments have  differently interpreted the provisions of Para 5.3 of DOPT OM dated 02.09.2008 read with OM dated 10.12.2009 regarding payment of FULL PENSION to all those who have completed 10 years and above Qualifying Service. I have taken up the matter with particular reference to those who have opted to retire under FR 56(K),  with GOI, Ministry of Personnel, P.G.& Pensions, Department of Pensions & pensioners’ Welfare through an RTI query dated 02.12 2010. DOPT promptly replied vide their letter no. 38/7/10 – P&PW (A) dated 16 December 2010, the operative part of it is as given below:

The provisions of Para 5.3 of OM dated 2.9.2008 and the OM dated 10.12.2009 are applicable to all cases of pension, including pension on retirement under FR 56(K)”

I place on record my sincere thanks and gratitude to Department of Pensions and Pensioners’ Welfare for the promptness of  their response and for settling this matter once and for all.



4 thoughts on “Full pension on completion of 10 years service in all cases of pension wef 01.01.2006

  1. Dear Sir,

    I have retired as Director of Mines Safety on 05.03.2009 under DGMS, MOL under FR 56(K) after completing service of 18 years 8 months and is being paid PRO-RATA retiring pension. I understand that vide GOI circular dated 2.9.2008 I am entitled to full pension as I have completed 10 years of service. Controller of accounts (MOL) awarded pro-rata pension stating that Rule 49(2) is not applicable for persons retiring under 56(k) and the rule is only for superannuation pensions. They are not able to reply under what rule pro-rata is mentioned for 56(K). I have appealed to them by all means but they are not convinced. They have referred the matter to DOPT as they said and they received no reply from DOPT.

    My case was published in May 2010 in SWAMY newsletter and they opined that I am entitled for full pension.

    Can you please send me a copy of the letter you received from DOPT dated 16.12.2010 so that I can send to Controller of Accounts, MOL requesting for full pension?

    Thanking you,

    Asok Kumar Sur

    • You are eligible for full pension as per the reply given by the CPIO of DOPT to my RTI query dated 02.12.2010. You may also raise the query under RTI to Mr.Harjit Singh, Under Secretary (Desk-A), Department of pension and pensioners welfare, Lok nayak Bhawan, New Delhi- 110 003. Please enclose a postal order of Rs 10/ drawn in favour of Accounts Officer, DOPT. After you get a reply from them you can represent to your department for payment of full pension.

      • Dear Sir,
        Mine is a curious case of being absorbed in a CAB (where CCS Pension Rules DO NOT apply) from a CAB (where I was under GPF). On absorption in the new CAB, I applied for pro rata retirement benefits as per provisions of CCS Pension Rule 37-A (8) as I had joined on 1.4.1991 and took voluntary separation from 7.5.2009 (18 yrs 1 month and 7 days). My earlier office is confused regarding the pro rate retirement benefits (18/20 or 18/33) as this is not a case of voluntary retirement but separation as per the provisions. Please guide me for which I shall remain every obliged.
        With my best regards

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