I have been pretty impressed with ‘Meru Cabs’.

If I have to go outstation by road/rail/air or returning from outstation, I go to:


and book a taxi online.

Half an hour before the appointed time the driver gets in touch with you on your mobile. The cabs are neat and the drivers are well dressed in their uniform.If your bus is late, then you can tell him so and he will adjust accordingly. The fares are very reasonable. They are available 24 x 7.

Even if I have to go to City Railway Station, I rather book a ‘Meru Cab’ online than get involved with extortionist auto rickshaw drivers who levy you exorbitant charges.

They book for the day (and 24 hours after it).

Don’t make the mistake of calling them up on your phone. The reason is that your phone calls are routed to their call centres and you get charged Rs 50 additional as ‘convenience charge’. Online booking saves you this additional cost.




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