The hike in retirement age cannot be announced until 15th May 2011

If it is true that GOI  seriously considering to hike the retirement age of Central Government Employees as has been reported in some news papers, such an announcement cannot made  till the election process to 5 states are completed i.e till 15th May. Therefore the employees who are due to retire  upto  May 2011 cannot be benefited out of this decision. There is also a strong school of thought that the retirement age should not be increased beyond 60 years.  They are of the opinion that it will increase the level of unemployment in the country and the youth will feel frustrated. The level of efficiency will also come down with the increased age and those who are below in the ladder will get unmotivated due to lesser avenues for promotion. Let us see what happens after 15th May.


One thought on “The hike in retirement age cannot be announced until 15th May 2011

  1. Retirement age should be increased as know we can utilize the saving of Provident fund of the central government employees to create more sectors and we need to channelize there saving and in this manner new employment generation will be much more than the employment generated by mere retirement of the employees . Think in this manner and average life expectancy has also risen due to good medical facility , so question arise that can government bear the cost of so many pensioner for next 20 to 25 years and take this note that pensioner are cost center not a revenue center.

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