Retirement age stays 60

Central government employees were disappointed on Monday when the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) decided to keep it at 60 instead of 62. A senior member from the establishment department of the DoPT told Newsline, “It has not been discussed and we have not issued any orders or have taken any ‘in-principle decision’ on the same.’’ “Though there was no official announcement, the news of the extension of retirement age was widely circulated among the departments,’’ said M Naik, associated with the central government.

B J Piwal, a member of the central government employees for national confederation, said he was disappointed with no extension in the age. “Though we had no news or order from the seniors in the department, news which appeared on the Net about the extension gave us some hope. Two more years would have been good,’’ he said.

P K K Unni, a member of the central government association, said one has to think about the unemployed youth who are hoping to get government jobs. “The government is justified in not increasing the age as it will affect youngsters,’’ he said.

The last time the government extended the retirement age of central government employees was in 1998. It was also a two-year extension from 58. This was preceded by the implementation of the Fifth Pay Commission, which had put severe strain on government finances. Subsequently, all the state governments followed the Centre’s policy by extending the retirement age by two years. Public sector undertakings too followed suit. A certain section of the employees serving in various government establishments feel that the news of the extension was more political with the government facing lot of corruption cases.

P K Raje, another central government employee, said, “The rumour was earlier circulated last year as well. However, even if the government is not extending the age limit, it should recruit more people.’’ He said IMD Pune’s mechanical wing has many vacancies but there has been no news of filling up the posts.

Source: Indian Express


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