CGHS-New Empanelment of hospitals

CGHS had initiated action for empanelment of private hospitals under CGHS, under Continuous Empanelment Scheme,  under Continuous Empanelment Scheme,which was notified vide Office Memoranda of even number dated 8th December, 2010 and 19th January 2011.

Further list of hospitals. under the categories mentioned in the document, that have conveyed their acceptance of the CGHS rates in various cities announced and placed on CGHS website and those hospitals have signed the Memorandum of Agreement with CGHS and have also furnished the appropriate performance bank guarantee. These hospitals are also taken as included in the list of approved hospitals for empanelment under CGHS.

The cities in which those hospitals situated are Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jabalpur, Kanpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi&NCR and Hyderabad..

The hospitals which have been now approved under the fresh empanelment procedure,  will be eligible to treat CGHS beneficiaries at revised rates with effect from the date of issue of letter.

Download the CGHS Office Memorandum No:S.110011/23/2009-CGHS D.ll/Hospital Cell (Part IX) dated 27.07.2011 for list of hospitals

Downdload CGHS Office Memorandum No:S.110011/23/2009-CGHS D.II/Hospital Cell (Par IX) dated 05.08.2011 for additional list of hospitals



3 thoughts on “CGHS-New Empanelment of hospitals

  1. Sir,
    I am a retired NPL Sc F and am drawing pension from NAL. I am permanently living in Bangalore since 2004 and want to register my wife andmyslef fro CGHS benefits

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